The Benefits of Chevy OEM Parts

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When it comes to making sure your new Chevy lasts for the long haul on Mooresville streets, one big thing you can do is stick to using Chevy OEM parts. If you’re wondering what Chevy OEM parts, it’s simple: they’re parts that are made by Chevy vehicles, for Chevy vehicles. When it coms to OEM vs. aftermarket parts, nothing compares to genuine Chevrolet parts when it comes to the life of your vehicle. Learn more with the parts department at Greg Hubler Chevrolet and make the switch to genuine Chevrolet parts for your Chevy. 



Why Use Genuine Chevrolet Parts?

There are plenty of reason to choose Chevy OEM parts when you’re regularly driving in Plainfield. As mentioned, Chevy OEM parts are made for Chevy vehicles, by Chevy. In fact, OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer parts.” Genuine Chevrolet parts are made in the same factories as your Chevy vehicles. And your Chevy rolls out of the factory comprised of Chevy OEM parts! When it comes to OEM vs. aftermarket parts, there is no comparison because this is what you get with genuine Chevrolet parts: 

  • The Perfect Fit – When you choose a part that is made specifically for your Chevy, you know that you are going to get the perfect fit. Designers and engineers have spent time developing each model so that every part works in the larger design. With OEM vs. aftermarket parts, there’s always a high chance that aftermarket parts aren’t going to fit as well as they should, which could damage your vehicle. 
  • Ensures Quality – With genuine Chevrolet parts, you are ensured that your part is high quality. You also will get a warranty and support when you order parts from the manufacturer via a dealership.
  • Reliable Ordering – When you use aftermarket parts, you may have trouble finding and ordering the right part for your vehicle, but with genuine Chevrolet parts purchased at Greg Hubler Chevrolet, it’s easy to get the right part the on the first try. Order online from us if you know what part you need, or contact us for assistance. 

It’s not just major parts like transmissions and engines that benefit with being repaired with Chevy OEM parts. Even smaller parts like windshield wipers can make your life easier when you’re driving in the rain on Martinsville streets. 

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