Educator Discount

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Introducing the Educator Discount

Without question, educators deserve extra perks. That’s why in appreciation for everything you do, we’re excited to offer educators a great value on eligible, new vehicles through 09/30/2021. You can save $500 cash allowance that is also stackable with most available offers, and enjoy the highways as much as the hallways.

About the Educator Discount

Maybe you bought extra classroom supplies instead of concert tickets this school year, or you missed a big evening out because you were helping students study. Whatever role you play at your school, you deserve the GM Educator Discount – the best educator discount from any car company! Current employees of a public school, private school, college, or university can enjoy a special offer on the purchase or lease of eligible new Chevrolet models. Combine this discount with the most current offers to save even more, with our appreciation.

Who is eligible for the Educator Discount?

If you’re an educator, administrator, faculty or support staff of schools (preschool through college) and current employee of a public school, private school, university or college, you are eligible for the GM Educator Discount. Eligible participants are able to pass this discount to their spouse or same-sex domestic partner (SSDP) where applicable, and dependent children and stepchildren, provided the children are either under 21 years of age or full-time students under 25 years of age on the date of purchase.

Which vehicles are eligible for the Educator Discount?

Most new and unused 2021 and 2022 Chevrolet cars, SUVs, crossovers, midsize, light-duty and HD pickup trucks, and passenger and cargo vans are eligible. Vehicle eligibility may change over time, so check with a Greg Hubler associate before you buy.

Please see dealer for full details and to verify your qualifications. Please call (888) 397-1874.